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Waterfalls of Abbraccio in MTB

There are routes of MTB that elate for their thrilling passages on rocks and parabolics and there are places that seems that you travel in enchanted areas among splashing of water, buildings made of stones  and uncontaminated nature.

Val rovigo
The demonstration that one aspect does not exclude the other is in that proposal of one of the most fascinating places of Appennino Tosco-Romagnolo : the waterfalls of Abbraccio  ( abbbraccio means hug)


To get all this just go to a small town between Romagna and Tuscany : Palazzuolo sul Senio, one of the villages most involved in fighting during the last World War.From here we climb for 10 km along the road SP 477
of the Alpe di Casaglia and take a path that leads first  to  the char my bivouac of the Diacci and from there we go down in the valley carved by the creek Rovigo where the creative force of the water  created  the
stunning masterpiece that are the  Waterfalls of Abbraccio


After passing an old mill (private) we go  up at first  returning to Provincial route  and again on a path to start then a funny descent till Crespino ( the technical level is very high in the last part)

In the small village we can refresh in a bar  and begin  the impervious  climb  that bring us to the fascinating bivouac of Lozzole (con Sagrestia) : From here starts the most spectacular descent that end
among the houses of Palazzuolo

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