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In mountain Bike in the feet of Monte Cimone

Arriving at the feet of Monte Cimone, the highest mountain of the Emilian Alps is already a satisfaction, if we add that from here starts a thrilling descent among the most appreciated in this area, it will be difficult to a biker to ask for more.

We start from Fanano in the heart of the area of Monte Cimone which is a paradise for the MTB.

It is a picturesque little mountain village with crafts tradition in the processing of stones boasting of being the native land of the gold prospector Felix Pedroni founder of the town of Fairbank in Alaska

From the 600 meters of altitude of the departure you arrive to the feet of Monte Cimone, easily recognizable for the top surmounted by the meteorological station of the Military Airforce (one of the most important in Italy).


Climbing is on a comfortable road,mostly paved with little traffic that crosses the tourist center of Passo del Lupo and Pian di Falco.
In addition to the views of unique beauty that stretch out of sight from the Po Valley to the almost first coasts of Tuscany, there are two naturalistic pearls that are worth to be caught in photos : the century old maple that we meet around the kilometer 10 before the beginning of the unpaved climb and the adamantine waters of the lake of the Ninfa ( 1500 mt over the sea level) of tectonics origin.

After a snack you climb on the military road till the cableway connected to the summit.
The descent starts at 1900 meters on a single narrow track that goes in and out of the woods. The first part is quite spectacular along the rocky ridge the second (more to try) ends at the waterfalls of Rovinaccia: After passing a wooden bridge we cross again Canevare continuing the descent on a short stretch of asphalt to take a path ignominiously surnamed “merdoso”(shitty).

Also here the technical difficulty is very high with a constant presence of stones and jumps that will delight the toughest endurers bikers.


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