Have you ever wondered how many itineraries MTB  are reachable on pedals at 3000?  Surely a few ones  and the Sommeiller Pas  in Alta Val di Susa is one of them.
The climb is not a simple road but a masterpiece of modern engineering: and endless gravel route that starts from Bardonecchia and ends on the french border where it connects with a more traditional mountain trail.



The road was built in the sixties (by an engineer who gave his name to the road) for tourism summer skiing, but the progressive withdraw of the glacier has changed the purpose transforming it to a paradise for excursionists that every year pass through.
The natural environment is of first order : it allows you to appreciate the granitic beauty of the Hautes Alpes ( alpi Cozie) with amazing creations of fabulous waterfalls and alpine lakes (Lake of Rochemoles).
The descent retraces only a few km of the previous climbing road and twists on single track of great fun: very technical in the high rocky part, much smoother in the second half inside the coniferous forest.


Considering the high altitude it is very essential to start very early to be on peak not later than 15 o’ clock and only during the months of July August and September.



Lunghezza percorso

53.64 Km

altitudine massima

Altitudine massima

3035.02 mt

altitudine massima

Altitudine minima

1211.88 mt

dislivello positivo

Dislivello positivo

2030.85 mt

dislivello negativo

Dislivello negativo

1965.48 mt

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