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Lavacchiello’s Falls, a water jewel in northern Apenine

Located near the mountaineers village of Ligonchio in province of Reggio Emilia, lies one of the most spectacular group of falls in the Apenines, with the highest jump over than 30 metres high.
In a wild land at the feet of Monte Cusna the river Ozola formed an impressive gorge in the ripid valley, electrical power factory uses the force of water to create energy, as well two weirs and related basins “Presa Bassa” and “Presa Alta” collect water to ensure no-stop reserve.

Monte Cusna

Our itinerary starts a couple of kms after Ligonchio along a ripid and narrow road, in proximity of a two-spaces park where a cross of path lies.
We take the path 633 alias “Decauville”, in ancient times a plain railway suited to timber transport, now replaced by natural ground; here autumn colours are marvelous.

The “Decauville” path

The path shows us the ripid gorge from atop, while in front of us stand the peaks of Monte Cusna and Monte Prado, Tuscany’s highest one.
A wooded bridge overpass a small stream that forms a couple of nice falls and in about half an hour we reach the basin of Presa Alta.

Fall between "Presa Alta" and "Presa Bassa"
Fall between “Presa Alta” and “Presa Bassa”

We take path 635 direction “Prati di Sara” (“Sara’s Fields”), the initial strech is a ripid descending one, reaching the base of the gorge of the river Ozola.
Taking a brief variation brings us at the feet of Presa Alta’s fall, a must.

Presa Alta's Fall
Presa Alta’s Fall

We cross the river and start climbing toward the Lavacchiello’s Falls, on the way a couple of little ones are dangerous to overpass in case of high water, as well in frozen periods. After about a quarter hour we reach the most impressive ones, taking driection right following the hard noise of the fall.

Lavacchiello's 1st fall
Lavacchiello’s 1st fall

In front of us lies the Lavacchiello’s Fall, a jump of about 30 metres in a wild environment.

Lavacchiello's 2nd fall
Lavacchiello’s 2nd fall
Lavacchiello's 2nd fall zoomed
Lavacchiello’s 2nd fall zoomed

We continue our itinerary climbing atop to Prati di Sara, other falls enjoys our trip, we are now looking at the gorge from the opposite side of the mountain.

Another fall
Another fall
Ozola's gorge from atop
Ozola’s gorge from atop

When the deep forest leave space to fields we are at half of ours fatigue, reaching a unique bucholic spot where often horses run wild.

Monte Cusna from "Prati di Sara"
Monte Cusna from “Prati di Sara”

A couple of little lakes makes light reflex of the Monte Cusna, while the crest that divides Emilia Romangna and Tuscany creates an endless barrier.
We walk at the feet of Monte Cusna toward “Costa delle Veline”, later on we take the hard descending path 628 to Presa Alta and the former “Decauville”.

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