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Euganean Hills, riding over ancient volcanoes

The Euganean Hills, “Colli Euganei” are a wide group of 81 extinct volcanic hills that rise from the sea over the plains of Padua, reaching an highest top of  601 metres on the sea level (Monte Venda).

Their’s name took place from an ancient local population, the Euganei, who lived that zones centuries before the rise of Romans.

From some of the tops it’s possible to see the entire adriatic coastline that surrounds the beautiful city of Venice, as well as the tops of eastern Dolomites of Cadore.

The climate here is absolutely continental, varying form freezing (and foggy) winters to hot and dry summers, resulting in repentine changing weather conditions also due to a micro-climate generated by different terrain conformations of the hills.

We can consider the Euganean Hills as a complex naturalistic “group of islands”, where it’s normal to find closely mediterranean floral species and alpine ones.

Another famous charachteristic of this land is the wide spread presence of termes, the most frequented ones in the communes of Abano, Montegrotto and Galzignano.

Our itinerary starts from little town of Monselice and climbs up to the first hill of the day, Monte Ricco, where we find an ancient monastery.


Entry to the monastery of Monte Ricco
Monastery of Mote Ricco
A Marble statue in a panoramic spot

From there we go down a stepped track and we enter in a typical mediterranean wood with enjoying single tracks and some rocks that increase difficulties.

Euganean Hills

We head toward the medieval village of Arqua’ Petrarca, where lived relaxing stay the famous Italian poet, crossing paths along architectural beauties and possibly taking a break in one of the charactheristic cafes.

At the top of the Hill Monte Ventolone

Now the trip makes it harder to reach the second hill, Monte Ventolone, followed by a enjoyable  descent, then another climb, more easy, and we are at the top of  the third one, Monte Gallo, followed by a spectacular descent into a well-mainteined bike park’s track.

Typical mediterraen flora

A brief stretch of the track brings us through paved road to Galzignano Terme, later on we have a long transfer till the feet of Monte Venda, the highest peak of the Hills, followed by an hard descent between rocks that will force us to walk for some steps.


More relaxing is the stretch to Monte Cinto, where we find a unique cave, called “Buso dei Briganti” (Bandits’ Hole) with remarkables views over the plains.

From the Brigants’ Hole

The last long part of the track brings us to Este, another beautiful medieval walled little town, and later on to Monselice, following cycle paths along drains and channels.

Este, walled town


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