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TheØresund bron : the bridge below the sea

TheØresund bridge almost 16 km that connect Denmark and Sweden.

A bridge that winds along the Strait of the same name, that suddenly plunges into the Baltic sea arriving  at minus 30 mt of depth: In short ,an extraordinary work of architecture and engineering that really leaves you speechless:
From Copenhagen we arrive to the Swedish city of Malmoe, the third largest city in Sweden ,at the forefront of environmental sustainability: Malmoe offers countless restaurants,bistros,cafés,and excellent boutiques for shopping.
Around the fourteenth century the city began to gain notoriety thanks to the arrival in Sweden of the powerful Hanseatic League and dominates the south of Scandinavia  until Copenhagen grew in the next centuries.
As Danish domain  Malmoe was ceded to Sweden by the famous Treaty of Roskilde in 1658 after several years of wars and battles:  It is interesting to visit the Castle  Malmohus  and the  postmodern skyscraper 2Turning Torso”
From the Danish capital it is possible to reach Malmoe by train or bus: Obviously to enjoy the view of the bridge of  Øresund you have to take the bus: The service is carried many time during the day, for the time table check the webstite or ask at the station: Time varies according to the seasons

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