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The Horn of fear

Who made at least once the  Horn of Fear hardly will forget it.
In addition of giving those great emotions that make it one of the route most famous among lovers of the All Mountain in Trentino and for the breathtaking views,it is also a  route that conceals so much history.
A story that emerges also in the origin of its  disturbing  name  that  brings to the Great War when the italian army (that also built many military roads that intersect each other  along the ridge) installed  a set  of cannons able of holding at gun point all the valley and the surrounding ridges.


The climb proposed is the best one that cut off  the traffic and the asphalt  roads: it runs along one of the roughest side of the Val Lagarina where  you find here and there pieces of history: In particular   a military hospital of the Great War now reduced to a heap of stones, and the ruins of Castel Saiori  that was largely destroyed during the spanish war of succession in 1703.

The slopes are quite changelling and will surely be appreciated by those who like racing through the woods on single track; the first stretch in zig zag on lawns make you gasp.
From the  point of view  of cultural interest  the top is reached at the end of the tour when you pass along the crenelated walls of the Castello di Avio: one of the best preserved structure  of the kind, which origins date back to the eleventh century.
It features 3   intact city walls and five towers  ( of which one the picadora  was reserved  for the hangings).


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