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Monte Conero, Italian’s elbow

Monte Conero is a unique promontory  and the only coastal high point (572 metres high on the Adriatic sea) between Trieste and the Gargano’s massif. It lies completetely in province of Ancona, the most important port town of the Adriatic sea.

It’s name take origin from a local fruit, the red strawberry tree, that in ancient greek language was known as “Komaros”.

The particular climate and position of this solitary mountain makes it a perfect destination for migrating birds, that find on his slopes and tops the right vegetation to take a rest on their north/south long travels.

500 metres high cliffs

Also, on this land, since 1987 a regional protected park rules and guarantees for the beauties and natural areas, such as the highest cliffs on the entire eastern italian coastline.

White rock slopes of Monte Conero

Our trekking starts from the little town of Sirolo, a beautiful spot awarded by the title as one of best beach in Italy, and climbs to the feet of the mount reaching as its highest point the San Pietro’s church and monastery.

Entry to Saint Peter’s Monastery
A Romanic column in Saint Peter’s Church

On our rise we have a break at a panoramic spot that extends our view to the south, showing directly Sirolo and Numana and others villages on Marche’s coastline, as well as Monti Sibillini, and, in better days, the Gran Sasso’s massif.

Two Sisters Bay
Sirolo and the coastline

With a last effort we reach the monastery of Saint Peter, than we return on our steps in descent to the most spectacular stretch of the trip, reaching “Passo del Lupo”, a fantastic view over the “Spiaggia delle 2 Sorelle” (“2 Sisters beach”).

Passo del Lupo

The track is difficult and mainly sloping, the presence of an old wire rope hels our descent to continue down to the beach, where the white rocks of the 2 Sisters are a unique attraction and the symbol of the entire cliffline (also a national stamp pictures them).

Difficult track to Passo del Lupo
2 Sisters rocks

After having a long relaxing break on the white rocky sand of the bay, we have to climb the same path to PAsso del Lupo, later on we continue to Sirolo and have another passage on its beaches, one known as “Spiaggia dei Sassi Neri” (“Dark rocks Beach”).

Dark Rocks Beach in Sirolo

The last part brings us to Sirolo, where we could have an ice-cream (or an hot coffee, depending on the season) in the main plaza.

From Sirolo to Conero’s coastline

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