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Morgia Sant’Angelo, the stone lioness

Italy has a very various fauna but surely the animal which is missing in the reign of felins is the lion: To replace this lack  the natural rock has provided.


A vast prairie in which are present limestone masses is the characteristic of this area, a landscape which is similar  to the Irish ones, inhabited since prehistoric times as testify the archaeological excavations made in the XIX century.
Walking on the trail along the prairie we reach the Leonessa ( the lioness) known also as “Morgia Sant’Angelo” of 35 meters high.
The  main activity to make is climbing: On the Leonessa many routes are equipped but before you have to make sure that the ordinary maintenance took place as in the past the routes were not in a good condition.
If instead  you want to enjoy a quiet day of relax, then it is the ideal place to make a picnic in a middle of a wild nature and beautiful landscape.



To reach this area you have to arrive at Cerreto Sannita you follow Corso Umberto I  you turn to the right towards  the “Santuario Madonna delle Grazie” and continue till the restaurant “la vecchia quercia”  after the restaurant you continue to go up and at the first crossroad  you turn to the left and continue till the end of the road having the Leonessa to your right: You park and follow the trail by foot.


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