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Piandelagotti, more than 40 kms for Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is an environmentally friendly sport, tiring but fascinating , to be practiced along trails of varying length and difficulty , inside of woods and meadows, sometimes with breathtaking views .

“Centro Fondo Boscoreale”,  run by ski instructors of the Italian National School, is the starting point for professional athletes , beginners and lovers of  Hiking , offers 40km of slopes , thanks to various joints and connections with Tuscany and the Reggiano Apennines , that allow you to explore the territory in a continual seesaw of surprises and natural emotional .

C.F.B. Not bad as a starting point

Indeed, the area between Frassinoro and Piandelagotti, in the southern province of Modena, is known as a cross-country skiing Paradise Oasis in the Northern Apenines.

So different from the Alps for skiing tradition and landscape, it was the scene of the Italian Championship of cross-country skiing, held in 2004.

It was a very positive experience that allowed to raise awareness about the scenic and challenging tracks Apennines, also very popular with athletes because of their selectivity, but passable by all persons engaged in this tiring but fascinating sport .

Some jokes for youngers

The area, full of events, offers to the skiers, not only the emotions of sports competitions, but also many opportunities for all ages: Valleys of the Dragon shows concretely its many facets and features, along with hospitality and cordiality typical of these places.

Starting from “Centro Fondo Boscoreale”, you’ll find full packages at very cheap prizes (7 euros for a whole day!) and you can also rent ski, boots and rackets.

Tracks are well worked, with classic binaries and skating ones, for whom is technically well-suited.

Deep in the woods

As said before, there are more than 40 kms of tracks, with variable difficulties, from the simpler, signed in blue, to the harder, in black, that let you reach the ridge of the Apenine and the famous Radici’s Pass (in the restaurant you’ll taste excellent typical italian dishes).

If you’re lucky enough to find a scenery like that represented in the pictures here, you’ll have a very beautiful and relaxing day on the less-known snow of our sweet Apennines.


Our tracks follows only brief stretches of theese signed routes, you can easily extend your way following the indications.


As farther spot we reach the refugee of Maccherie, surrounded by a snowy hollow with some enjoyable ski-rings. From here we also could climb with hard difficulties to the ridge at Giovarello’s Pass, with beautiful views to Tuscany and Apuane’s Alps.

Maccherie’s refugee
The ring at the Maccherie
Someone enjoys the view


Have a good skiing!

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