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Talamello and San Leo: in Romagna among ancient villages

Combine a passion for the flat bike with the desire to discover the wonders of our cultural heritage is an ideal that can be achieved thanks to the land of Romagna that with the same generosity offers urban  ravines and adrenaline trails.
We start from Novafeltria in Alta Val  Marecchia between Romagna, Tuscany and Marche Long time ago it was an important mining area the memory of this activity is now housed in a museum.
The itinerary is divided in 2 parts and joins an 8 on the center of  Novafeltria: The first ring leads to the fabulous village of San Leo: the capital of the historical region of Montefeltro, a jewel of medieval architecture perched impressively, almost grotesque, on a hill top rock ( of which you see the results of  a disastrous landslide occurred in recent times.

You cannot avoid a tour on the paved streets of downtown where appears a remarkable  romanesque church of the end of the XII century built by the lombard masters  (while the fort of San Leo can be visited only by foot).


Leaving behind the Borgo (village) that will stay however in the view,you walk along a comfortable white road in descent that brings you on a spectacular passage on peaks.


The return to Novafeltria does not provide particular emotions but for those who want to go wild on the single track it is just a matter of overcoming the 500 meters of altitude that leads to the topi of Monte Piincio distinguishable for its antennas.
From here begins the happiness for the acrobats of the 2 wheels: passages on stones and parabolics  that will not fail to entertain: You have to face this with protections and only if you have experience with this type of tracks.
A last stretch entirely on rock and you arrive in front of a  nursery school from there a brief ride on asphalt will bring you back to Novafeltria.



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