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Telegrafo Peak, riding over Garda Lake

Monte Baldo is a mountain range in the Italian Prealps, located in the provinces of Trento and Verona. The name derives from the German Wald, in english “forest”.

Its sharpened ridge spans mainly northeast-southwest, and is bounded from south by the highland ending at the little town of Caprino Veronese, from west by Garda Lake, from north by the valley joining Rovereto to Nago-Torbole and, from east, the glacier originated Val d’Adige.

One of the most important long distance trails in Northern Italy, the Peace Trail, leads over the range, crossing over 7 main peaks (Cima Costabella, Coal Santo, Punta Telegrafo, Punta Pettorina, Cima Valdritta, Cima del Longino, Cima delle Pozzette)

Only the first strecth (the southern) of this path is suitable (with some difficulties) to the use of mountain bike, while the northern one is reachable through a cable car from the nearby town of Malcesine, lying on the Lake Garda, or by a long hiking trip.


Our itinerary starts from the village of Lumini, ascending quickly via paced road to Prada, later on we follow a narrow paved road toward Rifugio Fiori del Baldo.

Reached a little lake, the road becomes dirt and harder, bringing to the refugee in about an hour. Climbing with a beautiful view of Garda Lake on our left is not annoying.


After a brief pause at he refugee we continue on this large path, with ripid and rocked ascension, to Cammino Pass. Only hardest bikers could make it always on bike, it’s really challenging.


From the pass the track becomes alpine, with single track and rocks everywhere, forming charachteristics pinnacles over green fields of the valleys.

The most spectacular stretch of the track bring us at a cross nearby the Peak of Mount Telegrafo, a brief climb and in 10 minutes we reach our destination, 2200 metres high on the sea level. The refugee is open in summer and in weekends (not in winter).


From the top, it’s the top… Garda Lake with its blue water beside us, creates a unique scenary.




The return follows the same path till Fiori del Baldo, later on we follow Naole’s Ridge and some technical single tracks.


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